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Don Bell, inventor of Code Blue®* Deer Scents and the hunting industry's foremost scent specialist, introduces his newest deer scents; Top Secret® and Red Light District™. Top Secret® is "Oxygen Free...from collection to bottle".  This means the urine is oxygen free sitting on the shelf of your favorite retailer.

The urine is oxygen free and ready for the hunter to open the bottle and use. In addition to this patent pending revolutionary collection process, Don has introduced a patent pending Scent Saver System.

This is a system you can take to the woods while hunting and allows you to remove oxygen

between usages…allowing you to start with oxygen free urine and keep it oxygen free between usages, keeping the purest urine ever collected as pure as the day it was collected. 

Under Top Secret Deer Scents® a hunter can get: Doe Estrous, Buck and Doe urine in 3 oz. liquid and 8 oz. foam application. Top Secret® is the only brand with foam in the scent industry. Red Light District Deer Scent™ is blended urine, collected with the same patent pending process as Top Secret Deer Scent®, with a lower retail price.

With the introduction of Top Secret® in 2011 and Red Light District™ in 2013, Top Secret®’s patent pending “oxygen free” collection process is the new Mercedes of the scent industry.

Don introduced in 2012, an allocated supply of “Reserve” Doe Estrous urine. “Reserve” is in a 26 fl. oz. wine bottle and has been allocated across America to dealers. Dealers cannot reorder because Top Secret only collected 12,000 bottles for the 12 million deer hunters in America. This means that only 1/10th of 1% of hunters during the deer season will be able to get a bottle. “Reserve” is the finest doe estrous ever collected. It is sold on a “first come” basis. When your local dealer is out, he cannot reorder during the season.

About Don Bell, Scentologist

Don grew up with a father that was an avid hunter and trapper. Don’s dad, Floyd, had a fox farm where he raised and pelted fox furs. Don grew up around his dad using attractants, lures and scents as a trapper in South Alabama. His dad also was a lifelong coon hunter with a kennel of about 20-25 dogs. Floyd was known throughout South Alabama as having some of the best coon dogs in Alabama.

Growing up using and creating scents, to trap and train hunting dogs to hunt deer, coon, fox

In the area of Scentology, Don Bell is the undisputed Scentologist. Don has two scent patents with two patents pending.

and bird, gave Don a great knowledge by which to understand attractants and scents; why they work and do not work.

Don used this knowledge to enter the scent industry 29 years ago with his first national scent company called Ol’Timers. It was Don that introduced the “territorial infringement” concept to the scent industry. When everyone was just using estrous urine during the peak-rut period of the whitetail rut, Don introduced using buck urine all season. Buck urine, declares Don, begins good on day one of the hunting season and gets better approaching peak-rut. It’s like coming home and smelling Old Spice…knowing you don’t wear Old Spice.

Don sold Ol’Timers deer scent to Wellington Leisure and they formed Wellington Outdoors where Tink’s®* and Ben Lee game calls were purchased. Don bottled Tink’s®* for years before stepping away to introduce Code Blue®* Deer Scents with the patented collection process of “one deer to one bottle”. Code Blue®* changed the scent industry over night with the introduction of Code Blue®*’s single deer urine collection. Don sold Code Blue® to Pradco Outdoors. Years later, Don stepped away from Code Blue® to introduce BioDefend®* Pet and Wildlife Repellents. BioDefend® is a patented process that repels pets and wildlife, naturally. Who better to keep animals away than the hunting industries foremost scent specialist? Don sold BioDefend® to Ebsco Industries.

Having time on his hands, Don introduced Fox Hill Soaps, Y’all Gourmet Fixin’s and Y’all Candle Company. The brands contained 141 products, all having to do with unique smells. Don sold these brands to a company in South Georgia.

Don has now introduced his new revolutionary patent pending process of collecting urine under Top Secret® and Red Light District™. Don has changed the direction of the scent industry for the third time. First, being the freeze dried tarsal gland under Ol’Timers. Second, Code Blue®*‘s patented collection process of “one deer, one bottle” and now with Top Secret® and Red Light District™’s process of collection “oxygen free, from collection to bottle…plus between usages while hunting”.



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