Top Secret® is "Oxygen Free...from collection to bottle". This means the urine is oxygen free sitting on the shelf of your favorite retailer.

The urine is oxygen free and ready for the hunter to open the bottle and use. In addition to this patent pending revolutionary collection process, we have introduced a patent pending Scent Saver System.

This is a system you can take to the woods while hunting and allows you to remove oxygen

between usages…allowing you to start with oxygen free urine and keep it oxygen free between usages, keeping the purest urine ever collected as pure as the day it was collected.

First year on the market, 2011, Adam Burt killed the new #1 Alabama record with a score of 194⅞ typical. Adam took this new record with the Hot Mama Estrous Foam.

Under Top Secret Deer Scents® a hunter can get: Doe Estrous, Buck and Doe urine in 3 oz. liquid and 8 oz. foam application. Top Secret® is the only brand with foam in the scent industry.

With the introduction of Top Secret® in 2011, Top Secret®’s patent pending “oxygen free” collection process is the new Mercedes of the scent industry.