Scent Defense Field Spray All Season, 16oz.


ScentDefense® All Season is a revolutionary new technology proprietary to Portland Outdoors™. It kills human odor and Deer Love the Scent. HOW DOES IT WORK? First, it kills odor by SCS™… Silver•Copper•Synergy. We have elevated silver’s ability to kill and attack bacteria eliminating odors by the infusion of copper with its exceptional and unique anti-microbial benefits of killing mold and fungi. Together Silver and Copper form a Synergy that attacks odor at the molecular level… stopping it before it can form a gas and spook game. SCS works by turning pure silver and copper into colloidal molecules in a suspended formula making SCS™, Silver•Copper•Synergy technology. Deer Love the Scent. Deer of all ages love the scent and are drawn to it. It’s called Scent Defense® All Season. A hunter’s need to be able to kill human odor and attract deer to them is now a reality. Scent Defense® All Season.

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